My name is Igor Escobar I’m 28 years old, Brazilian and completely passionate about what I do. I have over 15 years of experience with software development and more than 9 years of experience with agile practices.

I’m very focused on software engineering, design, architecture, performance, scalability, distributed systems and distributed computing. I love to dive into complex problems to make complexity look like simplicity.

I’m 100% result, value oriented. very focused on project objectives and what is best for the end user. Beyond any technical difficulty or challenge, I’ve been always fighting to deliver the perfect solution to ensure outstanding usability, performance and scalability.

I’m daily updating myself and seeking for smarter ways to build sophisticated applications with excellent maintainability, usability, testability and deployment. I really believe that you can always pursue a outstanding delivery im terms of result and value without decreasing quality.

Aside, I’ve been writing and contributing to open-source projects (mainly in Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, Ruby, Node.js and Bash). Writing random IT related stuffs on my blog and at technical web sites such as iMasters, IBM developerWorks and Web Insider.

Keep in touch!